Float weightless on the water surface, free from all external influences

Let your body float in saline water, let your mind wander and enjoy the unique feeling of being completely weightless. Floating = to float on the surface of a nearly saturated solution of water and salt (salt content of 26%). The warm salt bath relieves the body gently of stress. The weight of your own body is eliminated and you can relax and unwind.Thanks to the constant water temperature of approx. 36 C (equal to your body temperature) you do not notice a temperature difference and your body seems to dissolve in the weightless silence. While the body is floating on the surface, muscles and tense body parts such as the neck are relaxed and relieved. In the medical field, floating is known for pain relief, stress reduction and for improving the body`s self-healing process. A quick. deep physical and mental relaxation is the key to developing a better way of live.Our floating pool is the only one of its kind in the Valis valley.


1 Person,   CHF   95,00

2 Persons,   CHF  150,00

45 minutes