Experience well-being and vitality in the separate SPA area, optional in our Aletsch-Sauna, various steam baths, Kneipp water-treading basin or our Stockalper salt chamber. Guaranteed to provide calm and relaxation to your body and mind. The SPA area is reserved for women only on Thursdays.


Enjoy pleasant relaxation in our Aletsch-Sauna with temperatures of up to 90°C. We recommend you to stay 12 to 15 minutes inside the sauna for optimal results. This stimulates circulation and improves the body`s immune system, among many other health benefits. Enjoy the additional soothing effects of our panoramic image wall of the Aletsch Glacier.


An icy embrocation of one’s whole body encourages blood circulation and has a refreshing effect after some time in the sauna or the steam bath. Other gains from this practise include tightening of the skin and stimulation of the heart.

The Adventure shower can be adjusted to perform many different types of jets. It ranges from a soft rainforest drizzle to a strong thundershower. This sort of skin stimulation is unique and lures mind and body into a dreamland, where the stress of your daily life can be forgotten. This experience is intensified by soft music, an explosion of scents and a marvellous dance of the light. Let our Adventure shower be an oasis in everyday life and enjoy it’s reviving effects!


Our herbal steam bath is a treat for body and soul. The body’s circulation, blood flow and metabolism are simulated. Your will become more resistant to external influences and existing conditions like rheumatic discomfort, cold, digestive disorders will be relieved. You will feel comfortable in your skin fit and healthy, like a new person. The different herbs their active ingredients to the surroundings and have a positive overall effect on your health.


and makes them more resistant. Savour our bubbly and disinfectant foot bath!A basin like this one serves as a therapy to increase resistance and general invigoration in a gentle way after a stay in the sauna or the steam bath. A Kneipp water-treading basin strengthens and refreshes the muscles of your feet.


The steam bath is a gentle yet effective way to relax and regenerate. The heat stimulates the circulation of the body, releases tense muscle and soothes the respiratory tract. The powerful mountain crystals impart peace, harmony and new vitality as well as providing an extraordinary ambience. Let yourself be spoiled by the soothing and healing aroma in our rock crystal bath.


We have created a very special place for you to relax and feel comfortable. The ultrasound nebulizer creates a special Sole fog, whose particles are able to reach the depths of your respiratory passages. With each breath, strengthen your body’s immune system and recharge your batteries.


CHF 20.00, 1.5 hours

CHF 25.00,     2 hours

CHF 35.00,     3 hours